Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11 Months Old: Figuring Things Out

RICHLAND, WASH. -- The other day I was getting Marin dressed when it hit me how much she's grown. The labels on her clothes now say, "Toddler" in them. I may have gone into mourning for a few moments over the fact that my baby is officially gone. We've more or less got a toddler (can we just call it "baby-toddler") on our hands now. 

Kicking a soccer ball with her daddy.

Eleven Month Stats:
  • 23 lbs.
  • 32 inches tall  
Eating: Still such a good eater. She likes to grab the spoon when I'm feeding her and try to shovel food and eat herself. Not always successful. Usually ends in a nasty mess. She also loves throwing food on the ground. And on the wall. 
Sleeping: Wakes up at 5:30 a.m.  Sometimes she goes back to sleep. 
Wearing: 12 -18 month old stuff. Our favorite thing to have her wear lately are pom pom hats. Its been cold here lately, so we've been having her wear them a lot. They are so cute on her. Tricks and New Skills/Interesting tidbits:
  • Walking like a champ. She hasn't crawled in over a month. 
  • Now that she can walk a bit sturdier, she has gotten pretty good at kicking around the soccer ball. It's pretty cute.
  • She still loves her books more than anything. She pulls them out of her book basket one by one until she finds the one she wants and then will look at it by herself or bring it to Isaac or I to read it to her.  
  • Every Wednesday morning we've been going to Baby Reading Time at the Richland Library. As soon as we get to the reading area, I'll put her down and she'll wander around the reading circle and point to all the other little kids. She loves kids. 
  • New words she likes to say: 
    • Baby 
    • When we ask her what a snake says she'll promptly answer, "Sss," which sometimes sounds more like, "Thh."  
  • The poor girl developed a runny nose on Halloween which still hasn't gone away. Its inevitable that whenever she gets a cold it'll always turn into ear infections. Poor girl. You'd never know she was sick and in pain though because she's always so happy and energetic. 
  • She's starting to figure out how things fit together. She has some tub stacking toys and has recently figured out how they fit inside each other. Its fun watching her figure it all out.
    Marin's first Halloween. We were so festive. 

    Wearing a coat and hat that used to be mine. Isn't she such a doll?!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ten Months Old: Walking on Sunshine

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Ladies and gentleman, we've got a walker on our hands! Now that she's figured out how to get around on her feet, she won't sit still. Unless it involves books. Then she'll sit for a looong time. Its really adorable how much she loves her books. And walking. And getting into everything. Everything. 

Sometime between now and her 11 month update, it's my goal to find something else to blog about. We'll see how that goes. For now, here is Marin in her 10 month glory... 
My mom made this coat. Isn't it amazing?!

Marin being her curious self. 

She made this shirt too. And those leggings.

And my mom turned my old BP shirt into a dress for Marin. Seriously, amazing. 

Ten Month Stats:
  • 23ish lbs.
  • She's probably as tall as last month. Maybe. 

Eating: Favorite food this month is peaches.
Sleeping: Still wakes up around 2 am every single night. Every night. But she usually cries herself back to sleep.   
Wearing: 12 month stuff. 
Tricks and New Skills:

  • Walking, as mentioned above. She still looks a little like a drunk sailor, but she gets around pretty well.
  • She could sit for hours and "read" books. She loves to flip through the pages and look at the pictures. Sometimes, she'll bring one up to Isaac and I to read to her. It's really precious. 
  • She's also talking a lot more. I mean, she jabbered like crazy before. But now she's actually saying real words. Here are a few new ones I can think of in addition to dada and mama and ball: 
    • Bear: bah
    • Bubbles: bub bubs
    • Bellly button (she points to her tummy as she says this): buhbuh (a lot of these words sound similar, but she uses them in context, which is how I know what she's saying)
    • Dog: daw or dawee (doggie)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Nine Months Old: Moving and Grooving

RICHLAND, WA: Its official. Marin has a real obsession with cats and dogs. Today I heard some meows coming from our back porch. Sure enough there was a cat just hanging around out there. Marin was asleep and I couldn't wait for her to wake up so she could see this curious creature. She'd never seen a cat up close before... I know... what kind of mother am I to deprive her of such joy?  We've just never encountered any wherever we've been. After she woke up I brought her over to the window to check it out. She was elated. The cat was a bit timid, so whenever we'd go outside for a closer look it would run away. But let's just say, Marin is a major fan (much to her father's dismay, I'm sure).  She'd cry a good one whenever it would run away. Thankfully it always came back and entertained her for a good 30 minutes or so. Ahhh! 

In other news, Marin took her first steps a few weeks ago. I wouldn't say she's outright walking. But she takes 2 to 3 steps at a time before she falls over or decides to sit down. She's making progress. 

The past few weeks have been busy ones. Over Labor Day weekend, Isaac's parents came up from Portland. We had a blast hanging out with them and taking them out on the Columbia River on the boat. It was a hot, breezy day and Marin even fell asleep in Grandma Reeve's arms. It was very cute. Marin and I also went on a week trip last week to help watch my sister's kids while their parents were away. Marin loved the cousin time and all the attention. 

Getting pulled around the kitchen by her cousin, James. 

When we came back we had this little 9 month photo shoot on our back porch. Isn't she the cutest? Oh, we love her so. 

Nine Month Stats:

  • 23 lbs.
  • 30 inches tall 

Eating: Nothing too new here. The girl loves to eat. Clearly.
Sleeping: After attempting to let her cry it out several nights in a row, Marin is finally sleeping (I guess?) through the night a bit better. She still wakes up every night at 2 am for some reason (I really wish she wouldn't do this), but now she just lets out a little cry for a minute, instead of wailing, and then goes back to sleep on her own. Hallelujah. 
Wearing: Wearing 9 and 12 month clothes. Seriously kid, please stop growing so much.
Tricks and New Skills:
  • Biting. Urgh. Is this considered a "skill"? She likes to bite things lately. Including me.
  • Marin is a friendly kid. She likes to wave at everyone and everything. Including animals. I'll randomly look up from doing something and she'll be waving at me. 
  • The aforementioned taking steps.... cruising. She likes to stand up wherever she is and attempt to walk. She grabs hold of anything near her and cruises all around. 
  • She started to "dance" I guess we'll call it. When she hears music and I start moving around to show her how to dance, she'll often imitate. It's pretty hilarious. 
  • Her new thing now is to open every cupboard and pull things out. Oh boy. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Eight Months Old: Family Time

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Living on the west coast has major perks... the biggest being our close proximity to family. The Candrian hub in Salt Lake is just an hour plane flight from the Tri Cities. An HOUR! AH! And Isaac's family hub is just a few hours drive away in Portland. So we've been taking full advantage of it. Needless to say, it's been a busy month!  We spent a few days in Utah earlier this month hanging out with my family. Marin got to spend time with several of her Candrian cousins and enjoyed being showered with attention. 

I love that she has so many cousins her own age. She loves it too, she just had a hard time showing it at this moment. 
Poor thing didn't feel too hot the first day we were there.

The day we got back from Utah we left for Isaac's family reunion in McCall, Idaho. Oh, I love family. It's really been a blissful few weeks. And I think its safe to say Marin was enjoying herself too. She's such a friendly little thing and liked to wave to everyone she saw. She's such a ham. We spent the week at the most gorgeous lake that Isaac grew up going to with his family. Marin had a great time playing in the sand and learning not to eat it. She also went on her first boat ride. 

We had to drive several hours away to get to Isaac's family reunion. So that meant lots of stops to keep her happy.
Going for a walk in Ponderosa State Park, near where we stayed. We saw a bunch of deer. 
Marin took her first boat ride on Payette Lake.
She loved playing on the beach as long as big waves weren't crashing on her.
Hanging out on the beach with her cousins. Such cute kids! Plus, another cousin her age! Blissful!
Eight Month Stats:
  • 22ish lbs. 
  • The latest tricks up her sleeve are drinking from straws. She still devours mashed potatoes and gravy like they're going out of style. 
  • Urgh. Let's not talk about it. 
  • Most of her summer clothes were six month sized. Since they're mostly all shorts and rompers she is still wearing them. But all of her six month leggings have turned into cropped pants. This girl is tall! 
Tricks and New Skills:

  • Cruizing: Marin loves to pull herself up on anything and everything and walk around holding on to things. She's even started to stand all by herself for a few seconds at a time. Holy moly! 
  • She still gets around best by crawling and has developed quite the speedy crawl.
  • Her personality is really shinning through these days. She's a definite people-person. She likes to wave to everyone she sees. Her wave basically consists of sticking her arm straight out (kinda like "Hey, what's up guys!"). The wave has no hand action, it's all arm. 
  • She's also starting to point to things, which is pretty cute. 
  • She also loves to clap and give high fives. She'll even grab our hands and make them clap together. 
  • The last few days she's started to turn the pages in the books we read. It's really darling. As soon as I start lifting the page to turn it, she'll grab it and turn it the rest of the way, meanwhile cranking her head to eagerly see what's on the next page. 
  • One of the funniest things she's started doing since we moved here involves bath time. The bath tubs in our apartment don't have a drain lever on the medal plate below the spout, so it's just a plain round medal, shiny plate, which shows reflections pretty good. She was pretty confused/amused the first time she noticed our reflection in it. She'd get up really close to it and try to look inside to see what we were doing in there. It was pretty funny. It's not quite as amusing to her anymore, but she still gets really close to it and looks in it to see herself (and us) every time she has a bath. 
  • She still gets entertainment out of staring in a mirror. Every time we enter or leave a bathroom we stop so she can giggle and smile at herself. Oh, I love her.
  • The kid has four teeth. Sharp ones. Two on top, two on bottom. I know she's getting more because if she has nothing to suck on, then her fingers are always in her mouth. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Seven Months Old: International Traveler

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Geesh, it has been quite the month! Our little family packed our bags  and bid farewell to Boston. We flew straight to London, where we treated ourselves to a little retirement/congratulations vacation (retirement for me, congratulations to Isaac on finishing 10 years of education). It was a much needed break from reality. We tried to have a good mix of site seeing tossed in with relaxation. I think we found just the right balance. Marin was a trooper through it all... the red eye flight, sitting in her stroller for good chunks of the days, and for the 9 hour flight back from London to Seattle. She is such a good girl! Here are a few photos from our oversea adventure: 

Marin's first time on the swings in St. James Park. Her face says it all! 

Isn't she the cutest?!

Hanging out on daddy's shoulders in Hyde Park

Feeding the birds in Hyde Park.

Playing in the water at the Princess Diana Water Fountain Memorial 

Hanging out with Uncle Casey who came up from Germany to play with us.
She loooooves the swings! This was in the Princess Diana Memorial Playground next to Kensington Palace.
Enjoying the Princess Diana Memorial fountain on the Fourth
Kind of ironic we celebrated her first Fourth of July in England. 
With the London Bridge and London Tower (home to the crown jewels) in the background.
Big Ben and the Parliament building behind us.
Watching a little tennis match at Wimbledon. 
Seven Month Stats:
  • I haven't weighed her this month. I need to get on that. 
  • This girl can finally drink from a sippy cup! Hallelujah! 
  • Pretty sure our London tripped messed her sleeping up immensely. The poor little thing didn't know what time zone she was on. And now that we're on the west coast... even more far removed from the schedule/time zone she was accustomed to, she is even more out of whack. And add teething to the list. Fun nights. Here's to better sleeping in the coming weeks! 
  • Nine month clothes still fit this munchkin best. 
Tricks and New Skills:
  • This sweet little girl can say dada and mama like a champ. Her first time recognizably saying "mama" was when our movers were packing up our apartment. I set her down for approximately 30 seconds to sign some papers and she freaked out and yelled, "MA MA," it was darling. The first time she said "dada" (in front of Isaac) was in London. We were walking around a park waiting to check in our place and she was sitting in her stroller while Isaac was pushing her, and looked up at him and proudly declared, "DA DA!" Isaac melted right on the spot. Though, I am pretty sure she referred to some guy at the pool the week prior as "DA DA" when she saw him from behind with a hat on. To her credit, it did look a bit like Isaac. 
  • She started crawling a few weeks ago and has upgraded to pulling herself up on things. Heaven help us!
  • We introduced Marin to swings while we were in London and I don't think her life will ever be the same. She had an open mouth smile and giggle plastered to her face the whole time! 
  • Marin likes to scream when she gets excited, or really to communicate anything at all. It's half hilarious and half annoying. They can be pretty high pitched.  
  • I think she's starting to develop separation anxiety. The other day I put her on the rug next to the shower to play, while I took a much needed shower, and you would have thought I'd abandoned her and gone to China. She squealed and screamed like I've never heard her. Ridiculous. 

Well, that's about it. It's amazing to me that she's already seven month old. The things she learns in such a short amount of time astounds me. We have been spending our days at the pool (it's been in the triple digits here) and running random errands trying to get our new little place in order. Can't wait until we're all settled... and I'm sure this little munchkin feels the same!  Happy summer! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Six Months Old on Father's Day

BOSTON, MASS.- I suppose it seems suiting that this little one reached the major milestone of turning a whopping six months old on Isaac's first Father's Day. Marin adores him. And has since the day she was born. I could tell. The way she looked at him (though I realize her eyes were a tad out of focus that first day) was so sincere and loving and adoring. It made me teary-eyed. She still stares at him like that. It makes me melt.

In the Sacred Grove

This past month was slightly more mellow than the last. My dad came out for a 24 hour visit and we loved having him even for that short amount of time. We also made a Memorial Day weekend trip to Niagara Falls and Palmyra. What a beautiful part of the country!  Marin made her first stop in a foreign country when we headed over to the Canada side of the falls. It was so beautiful there!

In Palmyra, NY

On the U.S. side of Niagara Falls

This next month will be filled with some more big adventures as we will bid farewell to Boston in just a few short weeks. We've loved it here, but are excited for the next step of Isaac's career. His graduation lunch was this past week. We're so proud of him for making it through all these years of studying. He's incredible and so dedicated. Before we land at our final destination in Washington state, we'll hop across the pond to London for a week of play and relaxation. Hopefully Marin won't suffer from jet lag too bad, because Isaac's really hoping for that relaxation part of the trip. 

Six month photo shoot at the beach. She liked eating the sand.

Five Month Stats:
  • 20.2 pounds (95.74 percentile)
  • 29 inches long (99.95 percentile)
  • 43 cm head circumference (68.7 percentile)... good thing she doesn't have a huge head.

  • We've added things like peas and green beans to her culinary list. She hated them both. Especially the peas. I've never been so proud.
  • I also bought a "turkey and gravy" mixture for her to try. She hated that worse than the peas. I tried it to confirm its nastiness. It tastes how I'd imagine dog food tastes. 
  • I made a quinoa dish the other night for Isaac and I, and had the though she'd probably like it. Boy did she ever. She ate a ton!  Since then I have been trying to feed her whatever we eat for dinner, and just grind it up really well. So far, so good. 
  • She still devours my smoothies I make for lunch. She likes to hold the glass herself (with my assistance of course) and slurp away. 
  • I think so far her favorite thing has been mashed potatoes with gravy from Boston Market. Can't go wrong there. 

  • Ugh. This is not my favorite update. Remember how this little peanut used to sleep through the night perfectly? Well, around month 5, that stopped. She now likes to wake up all the time. I'll lay her down dead asleep, and 45 minutes later she is wide awake. Then a few hours later she usually makes her wakeful state known and is usually up again around 4:30 a.m. Thankfully she usually falls back to sleep until after 6. Usually.

  • Generally she still wears 6 month clothes, but she is starting to wear more and more 9 month clothes... especially pajamas. 

Tricks and New Skills:
  • Marin has added the "B" sound to her vocabulary. Everything is "Buh buh buh, ah, duh duh ga."  Its my favorite sound in the world when she chatters. 
  • She also has been experimenting with getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. Its a start. 
  • She also likes to roll from one and of the room to the other and find fun things on the ground, like computer cords, to entertain herself. 
  • She also likes to give kisses. We'll point to our check and say "kisses," and she'll plant an open-mouthed slobber bomb on our face. It's pretty dang cute. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Five Month Update

BOSTON, MASS. -- Oh, Marin! Stop growing! Our little girl is getting so big and it makes me a little sad. Though, I think this has been my most favorite age so far. She is a crack-up and so fun to play with now that she's fully alert, aware and not floppy. She's a pretty solid kid!

My mother made her this darling Easter dress

This past month has been filled with all sorts of adventures. We went to Maine twice... once for an Easter weekend getaway, and again the next weekend for a quick day trip when my sister, Brittany, came to town.  The next weekend we flew to St. Louis to visit my other sister and her family for an extended weekend, and loved hanging out and playing with them in the warm weather.
At Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Playing with her cousin Preston, and experiencing warm weather for the first time

Five Month Stats: 
  • No doc appointment this month, so I'm going to have to weigh her myself. That could get complicated. 
  • Started eating rice cereal this month after the doctor said she was "big enough she could probably use the extra calories." She seemed pretty indifferent to the taste of it, though glad to have us give her a spoon with food on it. When Isaac and I are eating you'd think it was the most fascinating thing on the planet. She won't take her eyes off us. Needless to say, she was excited when we let her have some real food. If you call rice cereal real food. I tried it. It tastes like puke. 
  • Pears: indifferent
  • Apples: went crazy over them 
  • Bananas: Loved them
  • Sweet potatoes: loved them the first day, the second day wasn't so sure 
Saw animals for the first time at the St. Louis Zoo

Loved this baby bouncer that Amy had at her house

  • Started being a better napper this past month as I tried out the "cry it out" method... which is pure torture by the way. I hate hearing her cry. It only took a few days of leaving her awake in her crib for her to figure it out. She usually naps an hour or so after she wakes up, and then again around 10:30 am and 2 pm for anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours. Still crashes around 4:30/5 and usually takes a cat nap in my arms for a few minutes. 
  • Bed time is around 7:00-7:30 pm after we give her a bath.  She still sleeps like a champ, usually 10 hours straight... give or take an hour. Yes, that means she wakes up around 5 some days. I think it's because that's when the trains usually start pulling out at the "T" stop across the street (we live across from the orange line hub). They are pretty squeaky and loud in the morning.  
  • Size 3-6 months still. Though I bet she'd fit into 9 month clothes if I tried. I think I'm in denial that she's already so big, so we won't go down the 9 month road just yet... 

Tricks and New Skills:
  • She can finally roll over both ways now. For the longest time she'd just roll from her back to her tummy. But as of this week she can now roll back from her tummy to her back. She does it very cautiously. 
  • She likes to explore her vocal range these days. She'll squeal loudly and make funny voice inflections. 
  • She also discovered her toes are fun to play with and we'll often find her on her back with her toes in her mouth. 
  • She is so close to sitting up on her own. She wants to sit up or stand a lot these days, but can still lay on the ground on her play pad for quite a while playing with her "animal gym."  
  • She's also started laughing more. While we were in St. Louis this month visiting my sister and her family, her little two year old, Preston, was playing with a yoga ball next to Marin, and Marin started laughing hysterically for a good 30 seconds. She thought he was pretty funny.  It's the first time she's laughed on her own, without us trying to do something to make her laugh. It was pretty cute. Isaac also can get her to laugh pretty good by playing peek-a-boo with her... sometimes the classic games are the best! We discovered her ticklish spots too... right under her chin and smack dab in the middle of her tummy.  
  • She also still goes crazy in the tub... pretty sure its still her favorite time of the day. She splashes around in there like its going out of style. Makes me laugh every time. 
    This little peanut loves bath time... and her dad

    Can't wait to see what next month brings!