Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Paige, Eight Months Old: Waving, Talking, Cruising

RICHLAND, WASH. -- I feel like Paige has grown leaps and bounds this past month. The girl is waving, pulling herself up on everything, climbing stairs, and cruising like a pro. She's also starting to "talk" a lot more. Not long ago, I was worried that she wasn't making many consonant sounds. But, not to worry, the girl started rattling them off in the past week or so and hasn't stopped. A few times she has even said, "Mmmm" and the mom part of me wants to think she is saying, "mom." So, I'm going to keep thinking that.

See those cute little teeth? Her top ones should pop out any day now.

The girl doesn't sit still for a minute. I'll often find her in the front entryway, where she has pulled herself up to see out the windows, which sit just at her level. She stands there for a while, bouncing up and down and chatting incessantly. 

  • Hasn't been weighed or measured this month

EATING: She still eats best when she can feed herself.  

SLEEPING: Naps twice a day, Once in the mornings and again around 1ish. She's in bed around 7. She often wakes up around midnight or 2 a.m. No idea why. And then again around 6:30. Sometimes earlier and will go back to sleep for about an hour if I feed her. 

WEARING: 9 months and 12 month clothes

INTERESTING TIDBITS: She loves to be held and sitting in my lap. If I'm anywhere within reach, she will crawl to me and pull herself up on my legs to be held. If I'm sitting down on the ground, she will crawl over from wherever she is and climb in my lap. 

-She is climbing our stairs now too! AH! I know we should get a baby gate... but we haven't yet. They're just so trashy looking. She's made her way up 5 or 6 stairs so far. It's quite the work out for that little girl! Thankfully we usually see her making her way to the stairs so we can watch her better. But she is a sneaky one and I've found her there a time or two while I've been making dinner. She's just so fascinated... 

-Since she naps at 1, our church from 11 to 2 is rough toward the end. Thankfully, Isaac is the only one who can get her to fall asleep in his arms still. So, during the third hour of church, he will take her and magically get her to fall asleep in his arms. He has been known to slowly wander past the Relief Society room just so I can see his special talent in action. 

-Her hair, though still wispy and thin, is starting to grow back now. It's coming in a lighter, blonde color. 
The weather has been warming up, so we love being outside!

-She and Marin are cute together. Marin is often too rough with her (I don't think she is aware of her own strength) and sometimes Paige ends up pushed over, with arms strangling her neck, pinned down and in tears. Here's a little peak into their shenanigans... 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Seven Months Old: Teeth!

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Paige sprouted her two bottom teeth this month! Consequently, she has had a hard time going to sleep at night. With the way she wears herself out during the day, it's hard to believe she doesn't crash easier. The girl is always on the go, exploring and checking out every nook and cranny. She loves to hang out on the stairs, but isn't quite tall enough to get her chubby little legs up over the first stair to start climbing. 

On the go constantly!

Decorating cookies with cousins

Aunt Mikael and her kids came to play during their spring break

This is the best picture I could get of the girls in matching dresses on Easter. Tough love.

  • Hasn't been weighed or measured this month
EATING: Same as last month. She loves most foods and eats best when I let her feed herself. So, we've been doing a lot of finger foods. She gets distracted so easily if Marin is around and won't eat. 

SLEEPING: Naps twice a day, generally. Once in the mornings and again around 1ish. She's in bed around 6:30 or 7, but has been waking up soon after I lay her down, because I think her mouth hurts. She will sleep through the night more often than not these days, but occasionally wakes up around 4:30 or 5 am, eat and go back to sleep. She's usually up for the day by 6:30. Marin is up by then too these days (ugh) and if she hears Paige chatting to herself in her crib, she often goes in to join her. Its fun to listen to the two of them laugh and jabber through the baby monitor in my room. When I go to get Paige in the morning's, she'll greet me with the biggest smile and kick her legs and flap her arms. Marin gets an even bigger reaction, followed by squeals. I love these two girls and their cute relationship with each other. 

WEARING: 9 months and 12 month 

  • Her two bottom teeth came in this past week. I have a feeling her two top ones will be following shortly.
  • She's gotten really fantastic at crawling. She goes everywhere and is getting faster at moving around. If I turn my back for two seconds she'll already be in another room and I'll have to go searching for her. 
  • She still doesn't make many consonant noises, like Marin used to at this age, but she has her own sounds she does frequently... Oh's, ah's and uhs, and a lot of ffff's. She also growl's a lot. Marin will copy her and Paige does it right back. This goes back and forth for a while and usually ends up with the girls giggling. It's really cute. I need to remember to record it one of these days. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Paige: Six Months and Crawling

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Cute, little Paige has been making quite the strides. She can now sit up on her own when she's laying down, and this week she just started crawling. She'd been getting up on all fours and rocking and doing downward dog yoga position for quite a few weeks. But, it's official... she is on the move!

She loves playing with these blocks.

  • 19.69 lbs. (91%)  
  • 28.5 inches tall (99.29%) 
  • 17.5 HC (92.39%)
EATING: Loves eating pretty much everything. She has a particular love for eating things that she can hold herself (crackers, bread, apple slices, etc.). She gets distracted so easily if Marin is around and won't eat.

SLEEPING: Naps twice a day, generally. Once in the mornings and again around 1ish. She goes to bed pretty early lately... sometimes around 6:30p.m. (usually though, around 7) She's just exhausted by then and can't handle being awake any more. Sometimes she'll wake up around 10:30 or 11pm and then sleep for the rest of the night. Other nights she'll wake up around 1 or 2, and sometimes she sleeps straight through the night entirely.

WEARING: 6 months and 9 months

After weeks of getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth, we officially have a crawler on our hands as of tonight. She often does the downward dog yoga position as well. She has been rolling and does a funny crawl/slide to move around. But tonight, she actually crawled. Isaac and I were cheering her on.

We drove to Utah a few weeks ago, and she did great in the car. She caught a cold our last few days there and that wasn't much fun. We went to Wheeler Farm a few times and she got to see a cow, horse, sheep, pig, rabbits, ducks, chickens, and other random farm animals, for the first time. She seemed pretty neutral on it all.

If Marin is in the room, all eyes are on her and she lights up when Marin pays attention to her. Unless, of course, Marin is trying to play hide and seek and covers Paige with a blanket. She doesn't much care for that.

She is still so happy and smiley most of the time. She had her six month shots yesterday, even though she's almost seven months old (next week) and that has made her kind of clingy and cranky the past few days.

She doesn't like to be left alone. She's usually fine in the mornings to play by herself, but in the afternoons... don't even think about leaving her alone on the ground to play. 

She's pretty quiet, compared to what Marin was doing at this age. Paige laughs and squeals, and yelps, but she doesn't make a lot of consonant noises. The doctor assured me that she has a few months before I start to be worried.

I expect a bottom tooth any day now. She has been drooling a ton and I can feel a tooth making its way up.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Paige: Five Months Old, Sitting, Rolling, Eating

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Little, sweet Paige hit the five month mark last Sunday. She's sitting up, rolling all over, trying food, and is pretty much a dream baby. 

Sporting a fur vest some of Isaac's coworkers gave her when she was born. She's a trendsetter, this one.

I'm not sure how much this trend has caught on in the Tri Cities, she got several comments at church about her fur. 

EATING: We decided to hop on the real foods bandwagon a few weeks ago... if rice cereal counts as a real food. So far we've tried rice cereal, oatmeal, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans and applesauce. No strong opinions one way or the other, but I think she enjoys having us stick a spoon in her mouth with something on it. She usually just tries to grab the spoon to suck on it.  

SLEEPING: Usually wakes up around 4:30 or 5 every morning, eats and then goes back to sleep until around 7 or 7:30. She'll rarely fall asleep while I feed her before nap times anymore. Instead, I just lay her down wide awake and she goes to sleep just fine. It's really fantastic. She naps around 9:30am and again at 1ish. 

WEARING: 6 months with a few 9 month things for kicks

INTERESTING TIDBITS: Paige adoringly gazes at Marin whenever she is playing near her. She gets a huge smile on her face in the mornings and starts to kick and flap her arms when she sees Marin. This is both darling and confusing to me, as Marin gives the poor baby some tough love sometimes. She'll often lay on top of her, whack her in the face if she's frustrated or occasionally push her over for no reason whatsoever. But, sweet Paige still adores her big sister. I hope it always stays that way. As long as big sister is behaving appropriately. My favorite though, is when she sees me after having not seen me for a small or long period of time (in the mornings, or if Isaac is holding her). She gives me the biggest squeal and smile and it makes me melt every time. 
  • Rolls all over the place
  • Sits up like a champ
  • Had her first swing ride
  • Slobbers like its going out of style... I'm guessing some teeth are about to pop up soon
  • Likes to smile and "talk" to strangers who pass by her in church, at the store, or wherever... pretty sure she makes their day.
  • Is incredibly ticklish under her chin (and pretty much everywhere else)
She mostly enjoyed watching Marin on the swing

It was really cold, but sunny, so we had to bundle her up in this bear suit

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Paige: Four Months Old

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Our sweet little Paigers turned four months old on Christmas Eve. She is a giggly, smiley, happy, strong little chunk. She's already trying so hard to sit up on her own. She can sit for about thirty seconds unassisted before she leans too far one way or another and topples over. But she's getting better by the day.

First Christmas. She enjoyed it much more than this photo illustrates.
Riding with Marin on her Christmas present.

We were in Portland this past week visiting Isaac's parents and she really bonded with Isaac's mom. She could get Paige to laugh harder than I've ever seen. It was one of the cutest things to watch. I caught part of it on my camera, but being the idiot that I am at times, I accidentally deleted it. I was so bummed. It was THE cutest thing. 

Four Month Stats:

  • 17 lbs. (96%)
  • 26.5 inches tall (96%)
  • 16.73 HC (85%)

  • Eating: We gave her some rice cereal this morning. She was happy to have lots of attention on her while Marin and I fed her, but other than that I think she was pretty neutral on the taste.
    Miss Chubsters in an outfit Marin used to wear (a hand-me-down from a cousin).
    Her new favorite seat in the house.
    She slept like this in her carseat for a few weeks after she caught the same nasty cold that Marin had over Christmas.

    Sleeping: Sometimes she'll sleep eight hour stretches, sometimes she'll just sleep four or five. Last week when she was sick, she woke up almost every hour. Thankfully those times have been few and far between around here. She naps two times a day, generally. Once in the morning around 10am and again in the afternoon around 1. Sometimes she'll have a catnap in the evenings around 5. She's in bed by 7 or 7:30, and usually sleeps for less than an hour before waking up again. Once we get her back to sleep she'll be out for the night.  Sometimes we'll try in vain to rock her to sleep, only to realize she just wants to be set down to fall asleep on her own. Go figure. 
    Wearing: Six month clothes 
    Interesting tidbits: 
    Isaac's mom commented that Paige is the happiest baby she has ever seen, or at least the happiest grandkid (as a baby) she has seen. That about sums up her personality. Paige is a bundle of happy smiles and the cutest sounding baby giggles. She'll light up anyone's day when she flashes them a big wide open-mouthed smile.  

    Wednesday, December 16, 2015

    Paige: Three Months Old

    RICHLAND, WASH. -- I just realized I never got around to posting anything about sweet, little Paige turning three month's old. So, here we have it... 

    This girl is developing and growing so quickly. She rolled over for the first time a few weeks ago. Whenever I lay her down now, she'll roll over to her tummy almost immediately. She hasn't figured out yet how to roll back over onto her back, and gets mad when she's done playing on her tummy and doesn't know what to do next. 

    She went on her first airplane ride over Thanksgiving weekend. We flew to San Diego for my cousin's wedding and she did awesome! I was dreading the flight for weeks, but it turned out much better than I imagined. She hardly slept on any of the flights, surprisingly, except when Isaac held her. He has the magic touch when trying to get her to fall asleep. He holds her tight and before you know it she is off in slumberland... I do not have this same luxury, however. 

    Aunt Amy holding Paige at the San Diego temple

    Family photo at the San Diego temple

    Paige is, for the most part, always so smiley and giggly. She has this incredibly ticklish spot right under her chin and has the cutest laugh whenever we tickle her there. 

    She's started grabbing things and its cute to dangle something in front of her and watch her go for it. 

    Marin loves to kiss Paige and be close to her. This is both heartwarming and very irritating. Especially, since lately, her kisses involving biting. I don't know how this came about, but poor little Paige has a few marks on her forehead from this newfound kissing method. Despite the tough love, Paige usually gets a big smile on her face and starts kicking when she hears Marin's voice and sees her in the mornings. It's pretty cute!

    Marin: Two Years Old

    RICHLAND, WASH. -- And just like that, my baby girl is two. This sweet, spunky, energetic, silly, independent, wild, cuddly, kissy baby of mine is not so much a baby anymore. I may have shed a tear or two over this in recent days. She's growing up too quickly right before my eyes. I love it and hate it all at the same time.

    Two Year Old Stats:

  • 37 inches tall
  • 31 pounds
  • 18.9 in. HC

  • Eating: Picky, picky, picky. We're lucky if she even eats anything some days. How do some kids get so into vegetables? It's a mystery to me. Marin won't even look at most things we offer her. Let's see if I can name the only foods she consistently eats in one line: Applesauce, rolls/bread, oatmeal, peaches, yogurt, chicken nuggets, macaroni & cheese, and anything sweet. That about sums it up. She could also devour a gallon of ice cream at any given time. Don't worry, we haven't let her.  
    Sleeping: 7:30 pm-ish to 7:30 am give or take an hour or so. Since switching to a normal bed, she rarely falls to sleep when I put her down for an afternoon nap. Instead she just lays there talking to herself and playing with her stuffed animals. Thankfully though, this usually makes for an earlier bedtime. And an epic meltdown by 4:30 or 5 pm. 
    Wearing: 2T
    Tricks and New Skills/Interesting tidbits:
    -"Marin happy," is the phrase that comes out of her mouth when we tell her she needs to be happy in order to do something (like watch Peppa Pig). If she throws a tantrum, we'll put her in her room on her bed for a few minutes and when we go retrieve her, she'll point to her mouth, show us all her teeth and say, "Marin happy!"  
    -She still says "foo foo" when she means thank you, but says "thanks" just fine. You got me.
    -She's gotten really good at manners and likes to say, "Oh, foo foo mommy," or "Oh, foo foo daddy."  Or, "Yes, please, mommy." Or, "Oh, thanks, mommy!" 
    -Her language is getting more easy to understand every day. She has this funny/quirky thing when she gets excited and starts chatting away. She starts everything with, "Oh-yo yo ah-yo yo yo..." before she gets to the part that I can understand. For instance, "Oy yo yo yo... go play outside," or "Oh yo yo ah yo yoda yo decorate the Christmas tree."
    -Lately she's started to say, "I love this!" when we are doing something she's enjoying. 
    -Loves nursery on Sundays and playing with the other kids. She kicks and screams when we go to get her on Sundays.
    -Speaking of kicking and screaming, Marin can throw a wild and fierce tantrum. For a good 5 to 10 minutes there is no possible way to console her. These happen almost once (or more) a day and often times in public places. This has resulted in me not wanting to go most places any more for fear of a meltdown. 
    -Mostly though, Marin is as sweet as can be. She is so good at just coming up to us and giving a hug or kiss. Especially to Paige. We have to watch closely when she is in arms reach. Paige often ends up in tears when Marin is loving her too much. When Isaac gets home from work she runs to him and throws her arms around his neck. Isaac is her best playmate. She somehow gains a new burst of energy when he gets home. Her favorite thing to play with him is Hide and Seek.