Saturday, July 14, 2018

BRITTA: Seven Months Old

RICHLAND, WASH. -- I'm trying to think of a really great milestone to list here at month seven. She sat up for the first time last month, and I guess she's pretty good at it now. But leave her in a sitting position too long and she'll hunch on over or tip one way or the other. But goodness, the girl tries!

She also had her first boat ride last week, if that counts as a milestone. Probably not. 

Here's this chubby little thing in all her cute glory...

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Marin: Four Years Old

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Okay, okay, so Marin actually turned four SIX months ago. December was a busy month (you know, giving birth to a new baby and all) and I never got around to posting Marin's stats or anything cute about her. So, I'm a bit behind, but better late than never, right? Man, I sure love this girly girl. 

FOUR YEAR STATS (technically 4 1/2 years): 
  • 42 lbs. (84%)  
  • 3 feet 7 inches tall (90%) 
EATING: Still picky. But she is trying to make an effort to eat "healthier" and often chooses water as her healthy portion of her meal. ha  For instance, when I ask her what she wants for lunch she'll say, "I want a grilled cheese sandwich, chocolate milk, string cheese, and water. Is that healthy?"  

SLEEPING: In bed usually by 7:30 and gets up around 7, sometimes later. Long gone are the days of naps.  

WEARING: 5T. She's tall. 


  • She started a preschool group in the Fall with all the kids her age from church. We took turns "teaching" the kids at our homes. It was more like a glorified babysitting job some days, but she LOVED it. Actually, loved was an understatement. 
  • She has been taking a pre-ballet class (includes ballet and tap) since September and it's her favorite thing. She loves to perform and was so excited to perform on the big outdoor stage for her recital last week. She wasn't even nervous one bit. 
  • Every night when we put her to bed, she asks what we are going to be doing the next day. She likes a very detailed plan, and if I only list one or two items, she'll ask, "Then what?" Knowing there is a lot more day to fill than just what I've outlined. I'm not much of a planner, so this has been fun. :)
  • Marin has really thrived in her role as a big sister. She likes to help Paige and Britta with whatever they need help with and generally she and Paige play well together. They could play make believe with their dolls and toys ALL day long if I let them.
  • Isaac has been doing reading lessons with her in the evenings. My favorite moment yet from them (early on in the process) went like this... Isaac: "Marin, sound it out. What does C-A-T say?" Marin: "C-aaaaa-T." Isaac: "I'll give you a hint, it's an animal." Marin: "Elephant!"  She's made a bit more progress since then but I wouldn't call her a "reader" quite yet. 
  • She thrives on playing with other kids and structure. She loves being around kids and having things scheduled. 
  • Her Sunbeam teacher at church told me a few months ago that Marin was the brightest in her class and he couldn't believe all the answers she knew and logical reasoning she could give for activities they did in class. He ended the conversation by saying, "She really is something special." It made me feel good to hear that. You never know how your own children are behaving and presenting themselves when we aren't around. 

BRITTA: Six Months Old

RICHLAND, WASH. -- We spent about a week in Utah with my parents and cousins this past month, and the night before we left, which so happened to be the day before she turned six months old, Britta sat up by herself for the first time! We all cheered for her! 

Every time she reaches a milestone, I can't possibly imagine how she'll have the strength to reach the next one, and she keeps surprising me. I couldn't fathom her ever rolling over (now she does it endlessly), and to think of her sitting up was something I thought was so far off, and now here she is doing it. This little girl is a miracle on display. Truly.

For the Memorial Day weekend, we headed down to Utah so little Britta could finally meet her Grandpa Candrian. He'd tried to meet her a few times before, but it kept not working out as planned. The first time, he came over Thanksgiving weekend, hoping she'd be born, but she was a tad late, so he had to go back to work. Then, their scheduled trip to see us in March had to be cancelled because he had to go in for an unplanned knee surgery, and then he's been homebound ever since, basically. So... finally. It happened. And it was the sweetest thing watching him hold her for the first time. She starred at him for a second and then leaned right in to cozy up. It melted me.  Luckily Brittany got it on camera. 

Six Month Old Stats:
  • 19.8 lbs. (94rd percentile)
  • 27.5" tall (96th percentile) 
  • 17.91" HC (>99th percentile)
Sleeping: Still sleeps better than Paige, though there have been a handful of times this past week when she's woken up crying in the middle of the night. It's pretty unusual for her. She's also been waking up at like 5 a.m. (but then again, so has Paige) but after I feed her she'll fall back to sleep. Thank goodness. 

Wearing: Some 6 month clothes, though 9 month clothes are fitting her much better these days. 

Things I Don't Want to Forget/Interesting tidbits: 
  • She's seeing weekly visits with a physical therapist whose been coming to our home. Marin and Paige like to pop in and out of the hour sessions to "help" and see what's happening. Today during physical therapy, Paige and Marin came in from swinging outside and when Britta heard them, she quickly turned her head around and started thrashing wildly with excitement to see them. 
  • Even in just the week she's started sitting up, she's been making progress and can sit up for a little bit longer periods of time. 
  • She's always happy and smiling. And we can usually get a few giggles out of her. Marin is probably the best at it. 

When do thunder thighs stop being cute?

Sometimes I leave her alone to roll around. And sometimes she falls asleep.

Matchy matchy. 

Meeting Grandpa Candrian for the first time. It was very heart warming.

Her cousins fell in love with her.

Picture with Grandma and Grandpa Candrian and the cousins.

Family photo.

Visited Temple Square

Letting Grandpa and Aunt Brittany entertain her.

This little girl was a major trooper on the entire road trip. Hardly cried 

Hanging out with Grandpa.

Sharing yogurt with Paige.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

BRITTA : Five Months Old

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Britta started eating real food this past month. At her four month appointment her doctor said I could start her on solids, but she wasn't showing much interest then, so I held off. Then, suddenly one day, she started grabbing and squawking at everything we were eating. If I was holding her while I was eating, she'd try grabbing at it. Green light.

Five Month Old Stats:

No doctor's appointment this month.

Sleeping: Still sleeps better than Paige. She generally has an hour to two hour nap in the mornings about an hour or so after she wakes up. Then another two hour nap(ish) in the afternoon.   

Wearing: 6 month clothes 

Things I Don't Want to Forget/Interesting tidbits: 

This is why I shouldn't wait so long to record things here. I can't think of anything to write. Except that she's getting stronger every day and it's so awesome to watch. And boy is she loved!

Every morning when we hear that she's awake, Marin and Paige fight to be the first to her room to go say good morning. She squawks with delight when she sees them. 

A tiger hat from Aunt Amy in Japan. Paige wanted to try it on her.

Strengthening her core!
Seeing if she'll take a bottle of apple juice. She might have gotten a little out of it. Why don't my kids take bottles?!

Marin and Paige were both so excited to help feed her rice cereal! 

Isn't she just the cutest thing?

Monday, May 21, 2018

BRITTA: Four Months Old

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Britta has found her voice this past month. She also went on her first airplane ride AND started rolling over. It was a big, big deal month. 

We headed to Texas for a few days at the end of March to visit Isaac's brother and his family and for Isaac to attend a work conference in Austin. Isaac got to learn and the cousins got to play. It was perfect. While we were there, Isaac and I snuck away with Britta to the LBJ Presidential Library. Isaac and I both went through the exhibits at our own pace. At one point, Isaac was pushing Britta around in her stroller while I meandered through, lagging behind. Britta was so loud, screeching and chatting, and just belting it out the whole time. I only had to follow the sound of her voice to find them. People would walk by her, smile and chuckle to themselves. 

Perhaps the biggest news in her four-five months of life is that she started rolling over. I was at a church meeting one night when Isaac texted me, "Britta just rolled over! I'm guessing you knew she could do this and didn't tell me!"  But, I DIDN'T know she could do it, and she started doing it endlessly over the next few days. When I witnessed it for myself for the first time, I was so overjoyed I picked her up and sobbed... shedding so many tears of joy. When your little baby is so weak everywhere, and you have no idea what she'll be able to do, witnessing milestones is quite miraculous. Really miraculous. 

Marin likes to show her what she learned in ballet class 
Britta's first airplane ride. 

Matchy pajamas with cousins in Texas!

Visiting the LBJ Presidential Library.

Four Month Old Stats:

  • XX lbs. (93rd percentile)
  • XX tall (99th percentile) 
  • XX" HC (99th percentile)
Sleeping: Still sleeps better than Paige. I often have to go wake her up in the mornings so we can get on with our day and get out of the house to take Marin to preschool, go to the gym, or whatever other random errands we have to run in the mornings.  

Wearing: 3-6 months, 6 month clothes 

Things I Don't Want to Forget/Interesting tidbits: 

  • She was so good on her flight to Austin, Texas and on the return flight home. 
  • It was fun seeing her cousins (and aunt) love her so much.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

BRITTA: Three Months Old

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Little Britta can almost support her own head now. Almost. That big head. For such a weak little girl. Poor kid. But she is so determined. 

Britta is such a good little girl. We went to Paige's 2 1/2 year wellness check at the doctor's the other day and Britta was wide awake in her carseat the whole time and barely made a peep (until the end when she just couldn't take the waiting any more). The doctor even commented what a good baby she was for being so patient.  

On March 7, we headed to Seattle for our fifth visit to Seattle Children's Hospital. Britta met with a specialist there we hadn't seen before, who we were hoping would be "the one" to give us some kind of idea of what's going on with Britta. But, he ended up being a dud and super unhelpful. On the bright side, we met with a new occupational therapist who is awesome and made some new hand braces for Britta right there on the spot. In fact, she made two sets-- one for day time usage and the other to help position her fingers at nighttime in a curved over position (a position she can't make very well on her own). She also taught us some new tummy time maneuvers to help strengthen her neck and torso a bit more.  

Three Month Old Stats:
  • XX lbs. (93rd percentile)
  • XX tall (>99th percentile) 
  • XX" HC (>99th percentile)

Sleeping: Still sleeps better than Paige. I often have to go wake her up in the mornings so we can get on with our day and get out of the house to take Marin to preschool, go to the gym, or whatever other random errands we have to run in the mornings.  

Wearing: 3-6 months, 6 month clothes 

Things I Don't Want to Forget/Interesting tidbits: 

  • Poor little thing has an off-the-charts sized head. The specialist we saw in Seattle was so concerned he came in and measured mine and Isaac's head to see where we stood on the charts. Mine is normal. Isaac's is in the ninetieth percentile. Runs in the family. :)  
  • Usually always happy, smiling, making cute noises and recently has added laughing to her routine. I guess it’s true that fat babies are always the happiest. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

BRITTA: Two Months Old

RICHLAND, WASH. -- It hit me hard last month when at Britta's two month appointment the nurse asked me all the regular milestone questions. 

"Is she holding her head up by herself?"

I paused for a second as I thought about the answer. And it stung a little bit as I realized how I had to answer. 


It was the first time I'd ever answered "no" to one of those milestone questions for one of my kids. And I know it won't be the last time. Marin and Paige were always well ahead of the game. But it struck me that things are very different this time around.  

The thing is, I know she'll eventually hold her head up by herself. She'll eventually learn how to sit up and walk (but probably never crawl, due to her hands), we hope. But when she'll be able to do all these things is a mystery. But they certainly won't be on time. 

My sweet little Britta is the happiest baby despite her odd muscular issues that remain undiagnosed. She flashes the cutest smiles whenever I talk to her. Oh my goodness, they make me melt. She's started laughing a little bit too and it's the most delightful sound.

Her sisters continue to love on her like she's the best thing on earth (and perhaps she is). 

Two Month Old Stats:
  • 14.7 lbs. (93rd percentile)
  • 25" tall (>99th percentile) 
  • 16.73" HC (>99th percentile)

Sleeping: She sleeps like a champ. She often sleeps through the night. A few times a week (knock on wood) she wakes once a night. Her napping is still pretty sporadic. She might only cat nap throughout one day and then the next day have a three hour nap. 

Wearing: 3 months (starting to get snug), 3-6 months 

Things I Don't Want to Forget/Interesting tidbits: 

  • She got her hand braces during her second month of life (end of January). She wears them most of the day. They don't seem to bother her at all, which is good. Except when she wants to suck her thumb and then it gets tricky as she tries to put her thumb in her mouth.

Holy moly. I have three girls!

Missing a sock. And with a toy from Aunt Brittany.

Marin likes to include Britta with her dolls.

Sporting her new hand braces!

In Seattle at a hotel while we were there for doctor appointments.

Still isn't sturdy in the neck department, but she's sure sweet.

Marin loves to hold and snuggle Britta!

We love this doll of a child!