Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thoughts on Birthdays... and Other Random Things

SEATTLE, WASH. -- Inevitably, as my birthday recently rolled around, I pondered what on earth happened to another year of my life. Like, seriously, didn't I just turn 15 yesterday? As reality set in this past month, I audibly gasped in horror at the though of it... At the risk of sounding too dramatic, I'll admit that I can't even bring myself to say the numbers out loud. How did it come to this? Just last week wasn't I trying to figure out what to major in? And the other day... I swear I was road tripping across the country with my mom to my new home in Florida. Three states later, and here we are. Another year. Older. And wiser. I can only hope.

My very wise husband says I need to embrace this. "There's so much good that can come from this age," he said. Mostly sarcastically, I think. "It's not about what it's in the past. It's about what's in the future." And so it is. With the new year, came a new gig at a PR firm. And I'm trying to embrace learning all this new agency stuff. They speak a different language there. Part of me finds it mind-boggling. And I wonder if its because I'm older (translation: wiser) and know that there's a better/easier way to communicate? Or am I just becoming increasingly more stubborn the older I get? Probably the later, as I'm sure anyone who knows me could attest.

So far, though, I will admit, this new age thing has treated me pretty decently. So, bring it on 32! I can take you! Ick. I still don't think I can say that number out loud.

In other news, try this*. I think you'll like it. I hear if you try it every day it'll make you feel more youthful.

*I also added a few strawberries and frozen peaches.