Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Travelling and Other Things

BOSTON, MASS. -- Isaac and I are trying our best to squeeze in as much travelling (and really anything fun) into our lives before December rolls around. Two weekends ago we went whale watching off the Boston coast... and it was spectacular! This past weekend these travel/fun plans included a last minute flight to visit Britt and her cute kids in Tennessee. Oh, how I wish I lived closer to family. They were like a breath of fresh air...

We played at the park, and just had a merry time.

Alivia was all smiles on the swings

 Every time I pushed James on the swing he'd gleefully yell at the top of his lungs, "WOOHOO!"

Yes, I look fat. I feel it too.

How did this kid get so big?! I swear just yesterday I could easily give him a piggy back ride.

We're also headed to see these cute kids next month in Israel, after a little stop here to see Isaac's brother. And sometime before December, I'd really love to squeeze in a trip to see this kid too (and his mom). Other planned weekend getaways include a stop here, here and possibly here.  And this weekend we are going here.  In between all of this, we are having several visitors come, which we are beyond thrilled about!  I may be exhausted from all of this by the time December rolls around, but at least we can say we lived up all the East Coast has to offer before our lives change forever (I realize we can still do fun things post-children... but... you know...).