Monday, October 4, 2010

Wearing Blue in a Sea of Garnet and Gold

TALLAHASSEE, FL-- A few weeks ago I travelled south to Tallahassee to watch my beloved BYU Cougars battle it out in the intense heat and humidity with the Florida State 'noles. It was hot. It was humid. It was a bad game. But the company couldn't have been more revitalizing. I love my Florida friends and they made me feel so happy to be back in Tally with their "welcome home" signs they proudly displayed when we met up at our favorite hang out spot, the Waffle House. (yes, I know it's ghetto, but their buttermilk waffles are SOOOO good!).  Here's a picture of the crew (minus PVD):

The "Waffle House Committee" reunion
On Saturday we took our seats at Doak Campbell Stadium amidst the other intensely sweating fans. We only lasted until the third quarter. The heat and humidity was too intense (it was gross). No wonder the Cougs did so bad.  Poor guys.
Ryan, Melissa, me, Nicki
Later that night, once we finally cooled down, my buddy Melissa gave us a tour of the Florida House of Representatives, where she works. Obviously, it is not DC's Capitol Hill, so no one was around working 24-7 like in Washington, so we had the place to ourselves and practiced giving speeches at the Speaker's podium.  
Not the Speaker's podium, obviously. But I couldn't resist getting a shot of the Senate seal

We also swung by my old stomping grounds... WCTV.  For about 30 seconds I missed my reporting days. But my life is pretty good currently, so the longing for the past didn't last long.  

Melissa, made this video of our weekend. I hope she doesn't mind me posting it here. The weekend went by way too quick and I can't wait to come back again!