Thursday, April 6, 2017

Paige: 18 Months Old

RICHLAND, WASH. -- My sweet little baby hit the year and a half mark at the end of February. It's amazing to me that in a few weeks she'll be the age Marin was when Paige was born. I remember thinking Marin was so grown up when Paige arrived, but I do not feel the same way as Paige at this age. She is still so much a baby. I'm sure Marin was just that same way, but I perceived it so different for some reason. Paige says a lot and tries to say just about everything. She's also stringing words together now to speak in phrases. It's fun to hear what comes out of her mouth. 

EIGHTEEN MONTH MONTH STATS (need to find her stats): 
  • Xx lbs. (93%)  
  • XX (95%) 
EATING: My good little eater has turned into a selective one. She still chooses healthy food over anything else, but she's much more selective about what she eats and how much and when she eats. She used to just eat like a champ at every meal time no matter what. Now that's kind of hit and miss.  

SLEEPING: In bed by 7 and sleeps until 7 or 7:30. Sometimes later. 

WEARING: Mostly wearing 2T (though they're a little big) with a few 18 month things. 

  • After so long of not saying Marin's name, she finally says it all the time. She either calls her "Muhn," or "Rin." 
  • She loves animals, as illustrated in the photos below. We went to a local grain store one Saturday and they had chicks and bunnies for kids to pet and hold. Paige (and Marin) were in heaven. 
  • She calls elephants "el-ants." It's really cute to me. 
  • Sometimes when she sees a picture of a dog or cat or any other cuddly animal, she'll often declare, "kitty... cuuuuute!"  or "doggy... cuuuuute!"  It makes me smile. 
  • She loves to read books, and will often bring Isaac or me a stack of books to read, but she often doesn't have the attention span to finish the book (she'll get distracted by Marin or lose interest). 
  • She tries really hard to say the ABC's. But she often ends half way through and declares, "sing with me!" Which sounds more like, "seen wit me!" 
  • She is very opinionated. And says, "no, no" too much, but loudly says, "YEAH!" when she wants or agrees with something. 
  • She LOVES to sing. Every night practically when we put her to bed, she'll stay up singing to herself for a long time until she falls asleep. One of her current favorites is Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree. She calls it "pop, pop," and loves to make the popping action.