Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Paige: Six Months and Crawling

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Cute, little Paige has been making quite the strides. She can now sit up on her own when she's laying down, and this week she just started crawling. She'd been getting up on all fours and rocking and doing downward dog yoga position for quite a few weeks. But, it's official... she is on the move!

She loves playing with these blocks.

  • 19.69 lbs. (91%)  
  • 28.5 inches tall (99.29%) 
  • 17.5 HC (92.39%)
EATING: Loves eating pretty much everything. She has a particular love for eating things that she can hold herself (crackers, bread, apple slices, etc.). She gets distracted so easily if Marin is around and won't eat.

SLEEPING: Naps twice a day, generally. Once in the mornings and again around 1ish. She goes to bed pretty early lately... sometimes around 6:30p.m. (usually though, around 7) She's just exhausted by then and can't handle being awake any more. Sometimes she'll wake up around 10:30 or 11pm and then sleep for the rest of the night. Other nights she'll wake up around 1 or 2, and sometimes she sleeps straight through the night entirely.

WEARING: 6 months and 9 months

After weeks of getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth, we officially have a crawler on our hands as of tonight. She often does the downward dog yoga position as well. She has been rolling and does a funny crawl/slide to move around. But tonight, she actually crawled. Isaac and I were cheering her on.

We drove to Utah a few weeks ago, and she did great in the car. She caught a cold our last few days there and that wasn't much fun. We went to Wheeler Farm a few times and she got to see a cow, horse, sheep, pig, rabbits, ducks, chickens, and other random farm animals, for the first time. She seemed pretty neutral on it all.

If Marin is in the room, all eyes are on her and she lights up when Marin pays attention to her. Unless, of course, Marin is trying to play hide and seek and covers Paige with a blanket. She doesn't much care for that.

She is still so happy and smiley most of the time. She had her six month shots yesterday, even though she's almost seven months old (next week) and that has made her kind of clingy and cranky the past few days.

She doesn't like to be left alone. She's usually fine in the mornings to play by herself, but in the afternoons... don't even think about leaving her alone on the ground to play. 

She's pretty quiet, compared to what Marin was doing at this age. Paige laughs and squeals, and yelps, but she doesn't make a lot of consonant noises. The doctor assured me that she has a few months before I start to be worried.

I expect a bottom tooth any day now. She has been drooling a ton and I can feel a tooth making its way up.