Friday, May 27, 2011


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Back during my reporting days, I liked reading biographies about other journalists.  Sometimes they were inspiring, somestimes entertaining, and sometimes they made me not want to be a reporter.  One such biography I read that encompased all those reactions was Andrea Mitchell's from MSNBC. 

Today this broadcast journalism icon was on Capitol Hill speaking to press secretaries in the Senate. So, I brought my copy of her book, and as soon as she was done speaking, you better believe I darted straight to the front of the room to meet her, and to have her sign my book. She couldn't have been more gracious. And she was pretty excited to hear that I used to be a reporter as well and that my name is also Andrea. We have so much in common. See the look of pure joy on her face...

She was very excited to find out we share the same name

I didn't know my picture was being taken, or I would have turned around and cheesed it up for the camera.
It says, "For the other Andrea- Best Wishes - Andrea Mitchell
And now I'm off to the beach.  What a great Friday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Then & Now

SALISBURY, MD- I can think of fewer things more refreshing than getting away for the weekend with good friends. This past weekend I hung out with two former BYU roommates, Rachel and Bethany, on the Eastern Shores of Maryland, where Bethany lives. I was roommates with them about eight years ago, and I can't tell you how glad I am we live in the same area and still keep in touch.

                            THEN (2002)                                                            NOW (2011)

*Dewey the dog replaced Chrissy in the "now" picture. But, I'm told Chrissy is alive and well somewhere in Oklahoma.

The weekend was centered around funny stories, good food and donuts.  Just what I needed!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"I got you!"

KNOXVILLE, TN- Everytime I've needed a smile or a good laugh this week, I watch this video.  It works like a charm:

(Please ignore my big butt, and the fact that my camisole is sticking out (no it is not my underwear). Thank you.)

Weekend Visitors

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The SF Giants came to town this weekend for a four game series against the Washington Nationals.  So, as any good dad would do, he came to watch the games with me.

Our national champions didn't play so well. Their star pitcher, Tim Lincecum, didn't pitch like much of a  star of anything on Friday. Here he is mid-windup... 

On Saturday they brought in their secret weapon, Brian Wilson, who sealed their only win of the weekend. It was fun to watch and fun to see how many Giants fans live in our nation's capital.

And it was sure nice to have my dad around for a few days!

Go Giants!