Sunday, October 20, 2013

One year...

BOSTON, MASS. -- I always say this, but this time I really mean it... WOW, how time flies! It was one year ago today that Isaac and I tied the knot! One year! I still contend that it was the best day ever... oh my goodness, I loved it so much. But this year... this entire year has also been pretty amazing. We have done so much in just 365 days. Here's a little glimpse into all our adventures from our first year of married life...

And, talk about what a difference a year makes. Today, in celebration of Isaac putting up with me for one year, I wore the same dress I wore leaving our wedding reception (it has ruched sides, so it's stretchy and accommodates my growing belly. At least no seams have split yet).
Black lace dress... on the skinny Andrea one year ago
Black lace dress on the not so skinny Andrea after church today (yes, I'm aware I "carry high")
Bless Isaac for putting up with all my wacky hormones the past almost eight months. He's a trooper! And oh how I love that man more than ever! Just seven more weeks to go!