Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Paige: Two Months Old, Happy as a Lark (whatever that means)

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Paige is the most delightful baby. I had a feeling she would be like this when I was pregnant with her. Mother's intuition, I suppose. When the girl is actually awake, she is constantly smiling and trying to talk to us. Often times I'll be preoccupied with something and glance over to find her staring at me with a huge open-mouth grin. She is such a gem.

A few weeks ago, it was Paige's blessing day at church. My mom, the talented seamstress that she is, made the dress Paige wore out of the same lace as my wedding dress. It looked so lovely on her. Both Isaac and my parents were able to come for the special day. Marin was in heaven with both sets of grandparents in town. She kept saying, "Two mama's. Two papa's," which are the names she calls them.

Our smiley girl

Such a chub, but so pretty

Look at those cheeks! 

Smoother city
Marin tries so hard to be good to her little sister, but sometimes her almost-two-year-old emotions get the best of her and poor little Paige is left in tears. I wish these kids came with a manual. It would sure make things easier. But most of the time she is good and smoothers Paige with hugs and kisses. It's very sweet. But sometimes aggravating.

The day after her blessing day, we took a quick little road trip to Utah. Paige and Marin had both had colds for a while, and Paige often wakes up in the mornings completely congested. The morning we were leaving to come back, we had just gotten on the road and poor Paige was having a heck of a time breathing in her carseat in the backseat. She seemed to be struggling more than usual, enough so that it worried me. At the stoplight just before entering the freeway, I climbed into the backseat to see if I could help her. The poor thing was drenched, working up a sweat trying to breath. I unzipped her pajamas to help her cool down, but it didn't seem to help much. She was panting heavily and soon lost all color from her cute little face and lips. Isaac pulled over into a parking lot and ran into a grocery store to buy one of those nose suction things. Meanwhile, I sat in the backseat trying to get the poor thing to somehow breath through her mouth. She just couldn't figure it out and turned completely lethargic. Her eyes got all droopy, she was taking small rhythmic breaths that almost sounded like wheezing. My poor baby! Isaac finally came out with the sucker, but it didn't do its job very well and we ended up flying down the street back toward where we came to take her to the ER... we/I didn't know what else to do.  Of course, as soon as we pulled up to the entrance and Isaac got her near the front door, she started breathing normally again. Her color came back and she seemed to be okay. But, since we were already there, and totally amateur parents, we decided to take her inside anyway to make sure she was really okay. And of course, she was. Thank goodness. It wasn't long before she was back to her smiley self.

Two Month Stats:
(these were really taken at two and a half months)

  • 14.12 lbs. (96%)
  • 24.5 inches tall (98%)
  • 15.75 HC (87%)

  • Eating: Same
    Sleeping: She's such a good sleeper, when she actually goes to sleep. She's still quite the night owl and often won't go down for good until 10 or later. There have been a few times when she's slept a solid 8 hours straight. But for the most part she sleeps at night in 5 hour stretches or so. During the day her naps are still somewhat sporadic, but she usually has a pretty long nap in the afternoon, sometimes 3 or 4 hours. 

    Wearing: 3 month clothes and even some 6 months. 
    Interesting tidbits: 

    • She is so smiley. Gives us the biggest open-mouth smiles constantly.
    • She likes to chat too. When we look her in the eye she will coo and chatter until we look away.
    • She likes the play mat and swats a little at the animals. But we use it cautiously because Marin likes to lay on it when she uses it too. Urg.
    • When she lays on her back on the ground she will move her arms and kick wildly like she's doing a jig. It's kind of comical and makes us all smile.