Monday, January 19, 2009

We've Got Obama in the Back...

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Tonight is what I'm going to call, "Inauguration Eve." It's the last night of the George W. Bush administration. And despite the hatred and bitterness toward our 43rd president that has seemed to evolve over the last few years, I can't help but be slightly reminiscent of the opportunities his presidency has provided me, thanks to some really wonderful connections. So, tonight I'd like to say "Thank you, President Bush for the memories. I will never forget them." I appreciate his hard work, patriotism and determination.

This picture is of Brittany and I, with Laura and George W. Bush, at the White House Christmas Party in 2006. It was AMAZING! And President Bush was so nice and personable.

Despite being slightly emotional about Bush leaving office, I am excited to welcome a new POTUS tomorrow. My family and I have tickets to the inauguration. It will be very cold, but we're all hoping it will be another great memory to add to our list. We'll be surrounded by a sea of Obama's faithful followers. But hopefully not this bunch... (please press play)

This outrageous group was a bunch of "Obama rappers." Apparently they followed Obama's campaign trail rapping to get the crowd riled up. Wow. Classy. I caught them when Obama was in town in Tallahassee. I was assigned to cover his visit and get reaction from the large crowd gathering outside the Challenger Center at Kleman Plaza. Obama was not scheduled to speak to the crowd waiting for him outside, but I remember I was impressed that he stopped and took a few minutes to address the cheering crowd (I guess that's what campaigning is all about). He grabbed a megaphone, stood on a park bench and said some motivational things about uniting the country. As we bid Bush farewell, I wish Obama the best. Our country needs it.


Chelita said...

Well said. I fully agree!


Tiffanie and Alvaro Z said...

that's nice :)

Danielle said...

That is very luxury that you got to meet Mr. W. Did you get into the Inaugeration?? I would like a full report. Please and thank you.