Friday, May 8, 2009

Free Dinner

WASHINGTON, D.C. - I can't remember the last time I ate at KFC, but I have eaten there the last two nights in a row. I know what you're thinking... "Don't you have better options than that in D.C?" Yes, we sure do. (this is one of my favorites: But, thanks to this little coupon... dinner was on KFC! And you don't really get much better than that!

KFC is doing a big promotion for its new grilled chicken. It comes with two pieces of chicken, two sides (mashed potatoes are my favorite) and a biscuit. Apparently everyone else has caught on to the deal as well, because both times I've been the line has been nearly out the door. Who doesn't love a free meal? And during these challening economic times, the cheaper, the better. So, click on the above link, head to KFC and enjoy a free dinner... or as many as you want until the deal ends on May 19th. I'm sure I'll be going there a few more times before the promotion is through.


Tiffanie and Alvaro Z said...

Well thanks for the info!

Some guys at work were talking about this yesterday, and apparently Utah (surprise surprise) has the same gigantic lines. Well anywho, thanks again, I might have to try this whole thang out.

p.s. I am wanting to do a D.C. trip kinda soon... let's chat. :)

Clayton and Camea said... more coupons. :( "Due to the overwhelming response...blah blah"