Sunday, October 4, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The excitement has not yet worn off of me being an aunt, so I am once again going to blog about my new nephew, Michael.  In my last blog post, I asked for your help in deciding who he looks most like, Rob or Lorena.  I got mixed reviews. However, this morning the answer was pretty clear...  I spent a few minutes chatting with Rob and baby Michael on our webcams (God bless macs). I snapped a few photos while we were chatting, so you could see for yourself... there is no denying Michael's resemblance to his dear, old dad.   
Side by side shot. Same haircut, same dumbfounded look on their faces. :)

Only three weeks old, and the poor kid already has no sympathy from his father.
 Both highly entertaining and cute kids. True Candrians


Brittany said...

He's sooo cute! Why oh why can't he ever be awake when I call to talk to them?

Erin S said...

They may have the same haircut for now......but I think when Michael gets hair, he'll look more like Lorena. No offense to Rob! He is such a cute baby though!

Joy Candrian said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing. I just can't get enough of little Michael.

Rob said...

I don't know who is cuter.

Angela said...

I am glad you are loving being an Aunt! Webcams are great, we bought one to talk to my parents in Columbia on Skype.