Monday, February 17, 2014

Two Months Old and Chatting Up a Storm

BOSTON, MASS. -- Our little Marin is a chunk! Albeit a very cute chunk. At her two month appointment this past week she weighed in at just over 13 pounds. She is in the ninetieth percentile for both height and weight. Looks like we have a tall kid on our hands!

She's been a lot of fun to have around. She gets really chatty with Isaac and I, and it's fun to hear her cute little sounds and see her big gawking smiles. Oh, my goodness... we love her so much! We swear she changes and gets cuter by the day (how's that for gushing parents?!).

A few weeks ago we took her on her first flight and headed cross-country to Portland, Oregon, where we blessed her at church in Isaac's home ward. It was a beautiful, sweet blessing, and so nice to be with Isaac's family. She wore the same white dress my mom made for me when I was blessed. She looked so lovely in it. While we were in Portland, Isaac's talented sister took some stunning photos to capture the sweet day. Isn't Marin such a babe?

It's hard to believe I gave birth to this roll-polly thing just two months ago. Thankfully I'm starting to brave taking her places alone. At first it seemed much too daunting to go out alone with her. Firstly, it is freezing here, so even taking her outside worried me. Surely I would be a bad parent to expose her to 12 degree air (and it's not like I wanted to go out in it either). And secondly, I just plain didn't dare. I don't know why... life was just so easy to do everything on my own for so long. Taking someone else so fragile in tow (in a bazillion pound carseat nonetheless (why do they make them so heavy?!) just seemed overwhelming. I guess the thought of her crying uncontrollably in public scares me a little too. How do you console a crying kid who just wants to eat, and won't take a bottle, but your grocery shopping isn't done yet?  Legit thoughts, right?  But, we ran several errands following her doctor's appointment on Friday, and I'm pleased to say she slept the entire time in her carseat. I know this won't always be the case when leaving the house, but it did give me a slight boost of confidence that I can be normal and get things done once again on my own. Whew!  I think I may be able to survive this parenting thing after all (knock on wood).  


Joy Candrian said...

Oh Andrea, she's doing great & so are you! Be brave my daughter - you can do it!

Lorena said...

Even from a less biased perspective, she really is gorgeous! Such beautiful coloring and beautifully shaped eyes.
I liked what you wrote about the difficulty of getting out and about - totally digs up my own memories. I never understood it until I lived it. Glad you are getting into your groove now. You must be pretty good if you have already flown with her and are about to do it again!

Amy Lovell said...

I canNOT wait to see this little girl in another weekish!!! I'll take over watching her and you can play with Preston ALL you want! :)