Tuesday, March 24, 2015

15 Months Old: No, no, no

RICHLAND, WASH. -- I remember not so long ago whenever I'd hear little kids say, "No," I'd think how annoying it was that they'd say it so frequently. I'm pretty sure I made a mental note to use the word "no" as little as possible whenever I had kids, just to keep them from saying it.  Turns out, that is definitely not how it works.  Say it once, say it a million times... somehow those little stinkers figure it out and it becomes their favorite thing to say regardless of what you try to do to stop it. Thus, that word is the theme of my life lately.  Though, I will say whenever Marin actually means "yes," she'll correct herself immediately following her recitation of the word, "no."  It usually sounds something like this, "no... yesssss."

In other news, Mother Nature has apparently kicked Winter to the curb (finally), so we are enjoying spending more time outside. It has been glorious. Marin loves, looooves, LOVES being outside and will cry when its time to head indoors.

Marin loves coloring with chalk, though it is a tad messy.

She loves every kind of ball and kicking the soccer ball around
Loves playing in the dirt and rocks, but doesn't like getting dirt on her hands.

Fifteen Month Stats:

  • 28.8 lbs. (99%)
  • 33 inches tall (99%)
  • 18.25 HC (83%)

  • Eating: Picky, picky, picky. I hate it.  She eats applesauce like its candy. And loves to eat slices of cheese. Everything else is hit or miss these days. 

    Sleeping: 7pm to 7am. We are down to one nap a day and she'll sleep anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. 

    Wearing: 12 -18 month old stuff with some 18 and 18-24 month thrown in the mix.  

    Tricks and New Skills/Interesting tidbits:
    • Marin is obsessed with the ABC's or the "A,B's" as she calls them. We have ABC books she likes to read over and over again. I put up some cute little animal ABC decals in her room and she loves to stare and point at them. She recognizes letters everywhere we go, even on signs at the store. She'll loudly declare, "AB's, AB's."  She knows about half of the letters... we are working on the others.  I think she knows what some of the other letters are, but can't quite make those sounds yet... like "W" for instance. 
    • She used to be the friendliest little thing I've ever seen. Now she won't leave my side. We used to have to block her in at church from running away from us. We don't have to worry about that anymore. She's not interested in being more than a foot away from me. I'm hoping this phase doesn't last long... but if she's anything like me, it'll probably last until she's 18 (I was SUCH a home body).    
    • We had a little break for a few months where having a bath was just a thing to cross off our lists. But now, bath time is Marin's favorite time of the day again... until she has to have her hair washed and then she wants out. 

      We took a little trip to Seattle and Portland for my birthday this year. It was incredibly sunny the whole time we were there. It was beautiful!  But slightly chilly... Poor little Marin caught a nasty cold there. 

      Golden Garden Beach in Seattle

      Practicing her musical skills on Grandma Reeve's piano

      Her happy place. 


    Joy Candrian said...

    Awww, love her!

    ellen said...

    I love your updates.

    Rob said...

    from Lorena: Okay, she officially outweighs Ella. That actually sort of worries me for Ella. Maybe I should get her checked for tapeworms.
    Marin is adorable and I love that bath picture. Such big, beautiful eyes! I love all the updates about her. She sounds way older than a 15 month old...precocious little girl!

    Sommer and Eric said...

    Words cannot express how adorable I think your little girl is! She is a keeper for sure!