Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Paige: Four Months Old

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Our sweet little Paigers turned four months old on Christmas Eve. She is a giggly, smiley, happy, strong little chunk. She's already trying so hard to sit up on her own. She can sit for about thirty seconds unassisted before she leans too far one way or another and topples over. But she's getting better by the day.

First Christmas. She enjoyed it much more than this photo illustrates.
Riding with Marin on her Christmas present.

We were in Portland this past week visiting Isaac's parents and she really bonded with Isaac's mom. She could get Paige to laugh harder than I've ever seen. It was one of the cutest things to watch. I caught part of it on my camera, but being the idiot that I am at times, I accidentally deleted it. I was so bummed. It was THE cutest thing. 

Four Month Stats:

  • 17 lbs. (96%)
  • 26.5 inches tall (96%)
  • 16.73 HC (85%)

  • Eating: We gave her some rice cereal this morning. She was happy to have lots of attention on her while Marin and I fed her, but other than that I think she was pretty neutral on the taste.
    Miss Chubsters in an outfit Marin used to wear (a hand-me-down from a cousin).
    Her new favorite seat in the house.
    She slept like this in her carseat for a few weeks after she caught the same nasty cold that Marin had over Christmas.

    Sleeping: Sometimes she'll sleep eight hour stretches, sometimes she'll just sleep four or five. Last week when she was sick, she woke up almost every hour. Thankfully those times have been few and far between around here. She naps two times a day, generally. Once in the morning around 10am and again in the afternoon around 1. Sometimes she'll have a catnap in the evenings around 5. She's in bed by 7 or 7:30, and usually sleeps for less than an hour before waking up again. Once we get her back to sleep she'll be out for the night.  Sometimes we'll try in vain to rock her to sleep, only to realize she just wants to be set down to fall asleep on her own. Go figure. 
    Wearing: Six month clothes 
    Interesting tidbits: 
    Isaac's mom commented that Paige is the happiest baby she has ever seen, or at least the happiest grandkid (as a baby) she has seen. That about sums up her personality. Paige is a bundle of happy smiles and the cutest sounding baby giggles. She'll light up anyone's day when she flashes them a big wide open-mouthed smile.  

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    Erin S said...

    She's darling! Both your girls are the cutest things!