Thursday, July 28, 2016

Paige: 11 Months Old and Taking Steps

RICHLAND, WASH. --  Our little Paige has gathered up the courage to finally start taking steps. She isn't walking, I wouldn't say... that would be much too frightening. But she is taking a step or two here and there.  I think the most we've counted is four steps at a time.  If she takes too many, she likes to hurry and sit herself down and crawl the rest of the way. She took her first steps about a month ago and I thought surely she'd be full on walking by now... but this girl moves at her own pace.

This past month has been filled with traveling and lots of family time.  We headed to Utah earlier this month for a Candrian family reunion in Park City.  It was fun to have family together, even though my little sister and her family weren't there. It doesn't seem to happen very much these days. It's sad to think that Paige is almost a year old and she hadn't even met some of her cousins yet. 

All the cousins in attendance... minus Lincoln who was asleep.

With Grandpa Candrian
With Aunt Brittany
Playing in Grandma and Grandpa Candrian's backyard

Family reunion number two happened this past week at the Oregon Coast with my mom's side of the family... the Thatchers. We grew up going to the Oregon coast with them almost every summer. We spent three days there, and stayed in a beautiful vacation rental in Neskowin, Oregon. Paige loved playing on the beach and digging in the sand. We exhausted both she and Marin out by the end of the weekend. 

Fell sound asleep in grandma's arms 

EATING: Everything. Especially likes fruit and veggies.

SLEEPING: Finally sleeping through the night. Usually.

WEARING: Mostly 12 - 18 month

  • Her second top tooth finally made its appearance this week. For the longest time she just had these three teeth... with just one on the top. It looked kind of goofy. 
  • She is starting to look more like a toddler and less like a baby. 
  • She tries to make some animal noises, though they still don't sound quite like they're supposed to. She now knows what owls, dogs, and cows say. Or at least I know that's what she's trying to say.
  • She likes to search her toy basket for books and then hand me the one she wants to read.
  • She loves the water and will often stick her face in the bathtub, swimming pool or water table to take a drink.
See that fourth tooth finally coming down?

Loves playing with Marin's dolls

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Joy Candrian said...

I love her so much. I can't believe she finally took four steps. xoxo