Thursday, December 15, 2016

Marin: Three Years Old

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Oh sweet Marin, what on earth would I do without you?! Isaac and I sat with Marin last night (on the eve of her birthday) in her window seat, staring at the falling snow in the night sky. We both reminisced about how the weather was similar on the night she was born three years ago. 

Three years ago, a New England blizzard was rolling in and the nurses called to tell us to come in early to avoid problems getting to the hospital. I had to be induced, because Marin was a week late, and we headed to the hospital before any snow even touched the ground. But boy was it cold outside! That first night after they started the induction, I was in so much pain from contractions that I couldn't sleep a wink. Isaac was sound asleep on some little makeshift bed in the hospital room, and every time I'd get up to walk around or go to the restroom, I'd walk past him to take a peek out the window and watch the snow swirl all around. Scared to death that I was about to become a mother.  

We've been in heaven since with our sweet little, spirited girl. She is such a character, loves to draw, sing, watch princess movies, tease her little sister, and be my helper. She helps me sweep the floor, bake treats, fold laundry, and loves to hold Paige. And, most of the time, Paige loves her. Often mimicking her, in word and action, for good or bad. 

For weeks, ever since trying on her friend's Belle dress, all Marin wanted for her birthday was a Belle dress. She loves Beauty and the Beast and when Paige naps, I let her watch a movie, and for the past few weeks she has only wanted to watch Beauty and the Beast, in anticipation of getting a Belle dress. My sweet mother made one for her, after I wasn't satisfied with any of the ones for purchase online. She even made a cape to go with it. Marin was in heaven when she opened it this morning. She wanted to put it on immediately. 

Marin is the youngest one in her nursery class at church, but has done pretty well holding her own in there every Sunday. She's in a class full of mostly boys and I think I can understand her better than most of the kids in there. 

We are attempting to teach her to read. Isaac is making a big attempt at working with her every night to sound out simple words. I can't tell if she's interested or if she's just trying to amuse her daddy. She can spell the word "mom" and will write it on her drawing board and show me quite often. 

  • 37 lbs. (93%)  
  • 3 feet 3 inches tall (95%) 
EATING: This girl is still incredibly picky. She isn't interested in most things that used to be a sure thing... like macaroni and cheese. She still eats apple sauce like candy and will now at least try a bite (sometimes two) of something new at dinner. Usually if bribed. 

SLEEPING: In bed usually by 7:30 and has been sleeping lately until 7:30am or so. 

WEARING: 3T and sometimes 4T. She's tall. 

  • She loves being with other kids. If I'm hanging around when she's playing with other kids, she'll say, "You go!" Motioning for me to leave.
  • She loves to play at the park and with friends (at the park) and is generally happy when she's around other kids. 
  • Since it's been a while since I've written a Marin update, she was finally potty trained last May, so at 2 years and 4 months. Once we ran out of pull-ups for the night time, I think in June, I just stopped buying them. She's done fairly decent, with an accident at night here or there, but we've never had a daytime accident. Thank goodness. She now likes me to leave and close the door while she's going.
  • Sometime in the last several months, she's developed a fear of the dark. She'd have to have every light in the hallway and rooms across the hall turned on. We now have Christmas lights in her room and she loves it. 
  • She's not the greatest at sharing her own toys. The few times we've had kids over to play (we need to do this more, apparently), she FLIPS when someone starts playing with her drawing board. It's really irritating. 
  • She gets a little aggressive with Paige when she gets tired. Poor Paige is often the recipient of a push, kick or hit when Marin is getting sleepy.
  • Marin is so good at memorizing things. If I sing a song to her just a few times, she often has the whole thing down pretty good after that. 
  • She has an incredible memory. Things that happened a while back, that I have forgotten about myself, she'll often bring up. 
  • She's very good at giving compliments. She will often say to me, "Mommy, you look pretty today" or "Mommy, I like your hair." When kids came trick or treating on Halloween to our house, she liked to answer the door to give them candy, and gave out compliments very freely all on her own, "I like your dress," or "I like your costume." 
  • She likes to say, "Mommy, just come cuddle with me!" when she is tired and just wants to be held. 
  • When Isaac gets home from work she will usually drop everything she's doing to go run and jump into his arms, screaming, "Daddy! Daddy you're home!"  It makes Isaac melt.

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Joy Candrian said...

She is such a cute girl & I'm so so glad she likes her Belle dress & cape. I love her with all my heart!