Monday, November 30, 2009

Still Waiting... and by the way, "Say 8!"

RICHMOND, VA-- Yes, I am still in Richmond. I've been at the hospital all day long. Poor Britt and Brian. Mostly poor Britt who has had a really rough day, and for the little guy (still nameless) who will have a very rude awakening to the world as he gets yanked out of Britt just moments from now. Yep, she's having a c-section. Going the old fashioned route just didn't work this time around.

To pass part of our time today, we enjoyed a little bit of one of our favorite comedians: Brian Regan. I'm sure many of you have heard of the man. He is FUNNY! We even played this particular routine for one of the nurses today, who found it equally as entertaining.

Hopefully in my next post I will have some pictures to share of the newest member of our world. As they say in the news biz... "Don't go away, we'll have more on this incredible developing story moments from now!"

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Taylor Family said...

Oh Tell Brittany I am sorry things didn't work out with the easy way!! As long as he gets here safe and healthy thats all that matters right!! I am glad you are all keeping yourselves very entertained!!! Keep us posted...I want to see pics of this nameless baby:)