Thursday, May 15, 2014

Five Month Update

BOSTON, MASS. -- Oh, Marin! Stop growing! Our little girl is getting so big and it makes me a little sad. Though, I think this has been my most favorite age so far. She is a crack-up and so fun to play with now that she's fully alert, aware and not floppy. She's a pretty solid kid!

My mother made her this darling Easter dress

This past month has been filled with all sorts of adventures. We went to Maine twice... once for an Easter weekend getaway, and again the next weekend for a quick day trip when my sister, Brittany, came to town.  The next weekend we flew to St. Louis to visit my other sister and her family for an extended weekend, and loved hanging out and playing with them in the warm weather.
At Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Playing with her cousin Preston, and experiencing warm weather for the first time

Five Month Stats: 
  • No doc appointment this month, so I'm going to have to weigh her myself. That could get complicated. 
  • Started eating rice cereal this month after the doctor said she was "big enough she could probably use the extra calories." She seemed pretty indifferent to the taste of it, though glad to have us give her a spoon with food on it. When Isaac and I are eating you'd think it was the most fascinating thing on the planet. She won't take her eyes off us. Needless to say, she was excited when we let her have some real food. If you call rice cereal real food. I tried it. It tastes like puke. 
  • Pears: indifferent
  • Apples: went crazy over them 
  • Bananas: Loved them
  • Sweet potatoes: loved them the first day, the second day wasn't so sure 
Saw animals for the first time at the St. Louis Zoo

Loved this baby bouncer that Amy had at her house

  • Started being a better napper this past month as I tried out the "cry it out" method... which is pure torture by the way. I hate hearing her cry. It only took a few days of leaving her awake in her crib for her to figure it out. She usually naps an hour or so after she wakes up, and then again around 10:30 am and 2 pm for anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours. Still crashes around 4:30/5 and usually takes a cat nap in my arms for a few minutes. 
  • Bed time is around 7:00-7:30 pm after we give her a bath.  She still sleeps like a champ, usually 10 hours straight... give or take an hour. Yes, that means she wakes up around 5 some days. I think it's because that's when the trains usually start pulling out at the "T" stop across the street (we live across from the orange line hub). They are pretty squeaky and loud in the morning.  
  • Size 3-6 months still. Though I bet she'd fit into 9 month clothes if I tried. I think I'm in denial that she's already so big, so we won't go down the 9 month road just yet... 

Tricks and New Skills:
  • She can finally roll over both ways now. For the longest time she'd just roll from her back to her tummy. But as of this week she can now roll back from her tummy to her back. She does it very cautiously. 
  • She likes to explore her vocal range these days. She'll squeal loudly and make funny voice inflections. 
  • She also discovered her toes are fun to play with and we'll often find her on her back with her toes in her mouth. 
  • She is so close to sitting up on her own. She wants to sit up or stand a lot these days, but can still lay on the ground on her play pad for quite a while playing with her "animal gym."  
  • She's also started laughing more. While we were in St. Louis this month visiting my sister and her family, her little two year old, Preston, was playing with a yoga ball next to Marin, and Marin started laughing hysterically for a good 30 seconds. She thought he was pretty funny.  It's the first time she's laughed on her own, without us trying to do something to make her laugh. It was pretty cute. Isaac also can get her to laugh pretty good by playing peek-a-boo with her... sometimes the classic games are the best! We discovered her ticklish spots too... right under her chin and smack dab in the middle of her tummy.  
  • She also still goes crazy in the tub... pretty sure its still her favorite time of the day. She splashes around in there like its going out of style. Makes me laugh every time. 
    This little peanut loves bath time... and her dad

    Can't wait to see what next month brings!


Rob said...

from Lorena - so much fun! I can hardly wait till Jake gets to that stage, too. Although, by then you'll be telling tales about crawling and such, so I think I'm bound to be jealous until Marin and Jake's 3 month gap becomes negligible.
I love reading your updates and seeing all the cute pictures.

Joy Candrian said...

I enjoyed reading this too! Miss all of you.

Dr. J-Love said...

Oh, I just love her. Please say we'll see you before we move very very far away. She needs to meet her BFF do I actually.

Dr. J-Love said...

and that was from me..Amy