Monday, June 23, 2014

Six Months Old on Father's Day

BOSTON, MASS.- I suppose it seems suiting that this little one reached the major milestone of turning a whopping six months old on Isaac's first Father's Day. Marin adores him. And has since the day she was born. I could tell. The way she looked at him (though I realize her eyes were a tad out of focus that first day) was so sincere and loving and adoring. It made me teary-eyed. She still stares at him like that. It makes me melt.

In the Sacred Grove

This past month was slightly more mellow than the last. My dad came out for a 24 hour visit and we loved having him even for that short amount of time. We also made a Memorial Day weekend trip to Niagara Falls and Palmyra. What a beautiful part of the country!  Marin made her first stop in a foreign country when we headed over to the Canada side of the falls. It was so beautiful there!

In Palmyra, NY

On the U.S. side of Niagara Falls

This next month will be filled with some more big adventures as we will bid farewell to Boston in just a few short weeks. We've loved it here, but are excited for the next step of Isaac's career. His graduation lunch was this past week. We're so proud of him for making it through all these years of studying. He's incredible and so dedicated. Before we land at our final destination in Washington state, we'll hop across the pond to London for a week of play and relaxation. Hopefully Marin won't suffer from jet lag too bad, because Isaac's really hoping for that relaxation part of the trip. 

Six month photo shoot at the beach. She liked eating the sand.

Five Month Stats:
  • 20.2 pounds (95.74 percentile)
  • 29 inches long (99.95 percentile)
  • 43 cm head circumference (68.7 percentile)... good thing she doesn't have a huge head.

  • We've added things like peas and green beans to her culinary list. She hated them both. Especially the peas. I've never been so proud.
  • I also bought a "turkey and gravy" mixture for her to try. She hated that worse than the peas. I tried it to confirm its nastiness. It tastes how I'd imagine dog food tastes. 
  • I made a quinoa dish the other night for Isaac and I, and had the though she'd probably like it. Boy did she ever. She ate a ton!  Since then I have been trying to feed her whatever we eat for dinner, and just grind it up really well. So far, so good. 
  • She still devours my smoothies I make for lunch. She likes to hold the glass herself (with my assistance of course) and slurp away. 
  • I think so far her favorite thing has been mashed potatoes with gravy from Boston Market. Can't go wrong there. 

  • Ugh. This is not my favorite update. Remember how this little peanut used to sleep through the night perfectly? Well, around month 5, that stopped. She now likes to wake up all the time. I'll lay her down dead asleep, and 45 minutes later she is wide awake. Then a few hours later she usually makes her wakeful state known and is usually up again around 4:30 a.m. Thankfully she usually falls back to sleep until after 6. Usually.

  • Generally she still wears 6 month clothes, but she is starting to wear more and more 9 month clothes... especially pajamas. 

Tricks and New Skills:
  • Marin has added the "B" sound to her vocabulary. Everything is "Buh buh buh, ah, duh duh ga."  Its my favorite sound in the world when she chatters. 
  • She also has been experimenting with getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. Its a start. 
  • She also likes to roll from one and of the room to the other and find fun things on the ground, like computer cords, to entertain herself. 
  • She also likes to give kisses. We'll point to our check and say "kisses," and she'll plant an open-mouthed slobber bomb on our face. It's pretty dang cute. 


Amy Lovell said...

She has Preston beat in height, but not weight, at six months! Oh I love her, and Gwen needs to meet her BFF ASAP!! Congrats to Isaac being done, too. Have fun in overseas visit is Japan, okay!?

Lorena said...

I love reading about your darling Marin! Although it makes me feel a little guilty for how little my baby gets written about. I'm always amazed when I read about babies like her who eat so well already at 6 months. Sounds like she is pretty adventurous with food.