Friday, September 19, 2014

Nine Months Old: Moving and Grooving

RICHLAND, WA: Its official. Marin has a real obsession with cats and dogs. Today I heard some meows coming from our back porch. Sure enough there was a cat just hanging around out there. Marin was asleep and I couldn't wait for her to wake up so she could see this curious creature. She'd never seen a cat up close before... I know... what kind of mother am I to deprive her of such joy?  We've just never encountered any wherever we've been. After she woke up I brought her over to the window to check it out. She was elated. The cat was a bit timid, so whenever we'd go outside for a closer look it would run away. But let's just say, Marin is a major fan (much to her father's dismay, I'm sure).  She'd cry a good one whenever it would run away. Thankfully it always came back and entertained her for a good 30 minutes or so. Ahhh! 

In other news, Marin took her first steps a few weeks ago. I wouldn't say she's outright walking. But she takes 2 to 3 steps at a time before she falls over or decides to sit down. She's making progress. 

The past few weeks have been busy ones. Over Labor Day weekend, Isaac's parents came up from Portland. We had a blast hanging out with them and taking them out on the Columbia River on the boat. It was a hot, breezy day and Marin even fell asleep in Grandma Reeve's arms. It was very cute. Marin and I also went on a week trip last week to help watch my sister's kids while their parents were away. Marin loved the cousin time and all the attention. 

Getting pulled around the kitchen by her cousin, James. 

When we came back we had this little 9 month photo shoot on our back porch. Isn't she the cutest? Oh, we love her so. 

Nine Month Stats:

  • 23 lbs.
  • 30 inches tall 

Eating: Nothing too new here. The girl loves to eat. Clearly.
Sleeping: After attempting to let her cry it out several nights in a row, Marin is finally sleeping (I guess?) through the night a bit better. She still wakes up every night at 2 am for some reason (I really wish she wouldn't do this), but now she just lets out a little cry for a minute, instead of wailing, and then goes back to sleep on her own. Hallelujah. 
Wearing: Wearing 9 and 12 month clothes. Seriously kid, please stop growing so much.
Tricks and New Skills:
  • Biting. Urgh. Is this considered a "skill"? She likes to bite things lately. Including me.
  • Marin is a friendly kid. She likes to wave at everyone and everything. Including animals. I'll randomly look up from doing something and she'll be waving at me. 
  • The aforementioned taking steps.... cruising. She likes to stand up wherever she is and attempt to walk. She grabs hold of anything near her and cruises all around. 
  • She started to "dance" I guess we'll call it. When she hears music and I start moving around to show her how to dance, she'll often imitate. It's pretty hilarious. 
  • Her new thing now is to open every cupboard and pull things out. Oh boy. 


Joy Candrian said...

Love those photos of her!

Amy Lovell said...

Oh, Marin, I miss you, please come see me soon. I need you to come teach me all of your new tricks. Love, Gwen