Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ten Months Old: Walking on Sunshine

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Ladies and gentleman, we've got a walker on our hands! Now that she's figured out how to get around on her feet, she won't sit still. Unless it involves books. Then she'll sit for a looong time. Its really adorable how much she loves her books. And walking. And getting into everything. Everything. 

Sometime between now and her 11 month update, it's my goal to find something else to blog about. We'll see how that goes. For now, here is Marin in her 10 month glory... 
My mom made this coat. Isn't it amazing?!

Marin being her curious self. 

She made this shirt too. And those leggings.

And my mom turned my old BP shirt into a dress for Marin. Seriously, amazing. 

Ten Month Stats:
  • 23ish lbs.
  • She's probably as tall as last month. Maybe. 

Eating: Favorite food this month is peaches.
Sleeping: Still wakes up around 2 am every single night. Every night. But she usually cries herself back to sleep.   
Wearing: 12 month stuff. 
Tricks and New Skills:

  • Walking, as mentioned above. She still looks a little like a drunk sailor, but she gets around pretty well.
  • She could sit for hours and "read" books. She loves to flip through the pages and look at the pictures. Sometimes, she'll bring one up to Isaac and I to read to her. It's really precious. 
  • She's also talking a lot more. I mean, she jabbered like crazy before. But now she's actually saying real words. Here are a few new ones I can think of in addition to dada and mama and ball: 
    • Bear: bah
    • Bubbles: bub bubs
    • Bellly button (she points to her tummy as she says this): buhbuh (a lot of these words sound similar, but she uses them in context, which is how I know what she's saying)
    • Dog: daw or dawee (doggie)


ellen said...

She's so cute! I love her stylish outfits made by Grandma!

Joy Candrian said...

I don't know why you should blog about anything or anyone else but this cutie!

Aubree said...

So cute! That coat is darling.