Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Paige: Nine Months Old and Standing

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Oh, sweet Paige, please stop growing! I can hardly stand it!  My little baby girl is already nine months. I feel like her personality is really shinning big time these days. The girl is still my happy, giggly baby. She loves to play too. She loves the water, bath time in particular and the swimming pool. She likes to squirm away from us when we are trying to change her diaper or get her dressed, and if we chase after her she crawls faster and lets out a hearty laugh. She has also figured out that if she is hanging on to something, she can still stand when she lets go. She will stand for a good 5 seconds or so before the cautious part of her kicks in, and she slowly lowers herself down.

  • 21.6 lbs. (91%)  
  • 28.5 inches tall (82%) 
  • 17.72 HC (81%) 
EATING: The girl loves food. 

SLEEPING: Still naps twice a day.  Once in the mornings and again around 1ish. She's in bed by 7 usually and sleeps until 4:30 or 5. She goes back to sleep for a few hours after I feed her.  

WEARING: Wears a few nine month things with 12-18 month items thrown in. 

INTERESTING TIDBITS:  She is a speed demon crawler, and makes it all the way up the stairs or down the hall before we even realize she's gone.

-Took her first boat ride over Memorial Day weekend when Isaac's parents were in town. We kept thinking she'd fall asleep, but she fought on and stayed awake and engaged the whole ride.

-She can wave, clap, say Ma, Da, Ba (for ball), and probably a few other things I can't yet understand. 

-She has separation anxiety like crazy and freaks out if I even start to exit the room. The second I pick her up, of course, she acts like nothing was ever wrong. The sweet thing always wants to be held. 

-She is teething (drooling like crazy and always wants to suck on something) and I cannot believe other teeth haven't popped through yet. 

-She likes to climb. If there is something to climb on that leads to something else, Paige will find it. She particularly likes to climb into Marin's little lounge chair, and if the chair isn't leaning into something, the chair topples over with her in it. She has used the chair to climb onto the couch, to see out windows, and to get onto the fireplace bench. 

-She is fascinated with outlets and anything plugged into outlets. We have covers on every outlet not in use, but she somehow manages to unplug everything and check out what's behind it. Heaven help us.

-Though she can now stand on her own, I think taking actual steps may be a ways off. She's pretty cautious. But who knows... I could be wrong, and maybe we'll have a walker on our hands soon.

-She had her first ice cream cone on Memorial Day. We went to a friend's house for dinner and they passed around ice cream cones. I took one, and mistakingly let Paige have a lick. She grabbed her little hands around it as fast as she could and when I tried to pry her fingers off it she threw a fit. So, instead of causing a scene, I just let her keep it. Hey, we only live once, right? 

Isn't she the cutest? She makes me melt.

I like to play peek-a-book with her on the stairs. She giggles every time.

She is such a speed demon on the stairs!

She took her first boat ride over Memorial Day weekend.

She had her first ice cream cone on Memorial Day.

I love watching her sleep. Isn't she such a cute sleeper? And her hair...

She loves the pool! And drinking the pool water.

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