Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Paige: 15 Months Old and Mimicking

RICHLAND, WASH. -- Oh, this little girl. She melts my heart more and more daily. Paige is so sweet, yet such a tease. Over the last few months, her communication has really taken off. The best thing she has said, that has helped me be a better mom to her, is "yeah, yeah, yeah." When you ask her if she wants something, she will respond in favor. It has helped us so much. 

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Boise with Isaac and his extended family. His Grandpa Peterson turned 88, so there was a big birthday bash. It was a lot of fun. In October, we spent a week in San Diego (Solana Beach to be exact), and it was delightful. Paige loved playing in the sand and the ocean. And playing at the playground near by. She and Marin could have spent every second of the day there. 

Here are a bunch of photos from the last few months. It's a serious picture overload... but she's just so cute. How can I not share them all?

Likes to drink juice. And then squeeze what she doesn't drink everywhere.

Sometime recently she decided she doesn't like her high chair and would much prefer to sit at the table with us.

Loves playgrounds! 

Hasn't quite mastered the bridges at the parks, despite her love for climbing.

Oh, I love her. She has become a much heavier sleeper lately. She used to wake up at the sound of someone breathing. 

Helping me make brownies. 

She just likes to chill in random places sometimes.

Bathtime is her favorite time of day. She likes to sit underneath the trickling faucet and fill cups and bowls.

She climbs and gets into EVERYTHING.

She did not care for sitting on her great Grandpa's lap.

She LOVES music and playing the piano.

Hanging out at some shopping center in Meridian, Idaho, all dressed up from Great Grandpa's birthday party.

Waiting at the doctor's office for her fifteen month appointment. She got three shots. And was not happy.

Went to the park after her shots to try to cheer her up. It worked.

Loves her big sister so much.

  • 22.7 lbs. (75%)  
  • 31.5 inches tall (80%) 
  • 18.5 HC (86%) 
EATING: Has irritatingly started to become picky. She will eat most fruits and vegetables I give her though, so I guess I can't complain. Fruit is her favorite. 

SLEEPING: Naps once a day. Sometimes twice still. Sleeps like a champ at night. She's in bed by 7 usually and sleeps until 7 or so the next morning. 

WEARING: 18 months

  • She likes to growl like a lion/bear/tiger. 
  • She likes to climb. On anything.
  • She likes to mimic Marin's behavior. If Marin is up dancing, she is too. If Marin is playing with daddy, she wants in on the fun. If Marin is playing with a doll, Paige will grab it and run away (ha ha). She also puts phones up to her ear and says, "hi." 
  • She is a sensitive little thing. She cries easily and loves hard. If Marin cries, she often runs over to her and gives her kisses. 
  • Her kisses are open-mouth with a very strongly emphasized, "MUH!" 
  • She has seen me push a chair over to the counter for Marin to stand on to help me bake, and now whenever I'm making something, she will push over a chair to help. It's cute. But sometimes she'll push a chair over when I'm not there... and... ugh. 
  • She loves music. She loves singing, dancing and playing the piano. When Isaac plays his saxophone, she is right up at his feet to listen. 
  • She is so cuddly and always wants to be held. 
  • Her favorite thing lately is her soft, gray fleece blanket. She holds it tight and cuddles into it when we put her to bed. 
  • Other words she says often, "Tickle, tickle," "no," "yeah, yeah, yeah," crackers (cah-cahs), water (wah-wah), and tries to mimic other words we say quite often, though doesn't say them frequently. 
  • Likes to point to her/our eyes, ears and mouth and say, "Ahh (eye), ehh (ear) and muh (mouth). 
And now for more pictures...
At SeaWorld

Watching the whales at SeaWorld

Hanging out at our vacation rental.

Solana Beach... one of the best vacations we've had! It was so relaxing and so beautiful!

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